About Me

Pick-n-Time is the time to go to work, not picking cotton, pecans, cucumbers, etc…
Pick-n-Time is the time to go to work, not picking cotton, pecans, cucumbers, etc., Oh No!, that I once did, to make money, but it means you going to work making a living the way you do, and creating and managing a plan for your income, expenses, assets, and liabilities so you can build wealth and make the best use of all your resources, not just money, to avoid poverty, of which I’m so familiar. Our greatest resource is our health. Without good health everything else does not matter much. So, see your doctor and take care of your body and mind first, so you can effectively manage your personal business and affairs, and enjoy them.

We Be Picking

Picking Time’s goals are to assist you in building wealth one or many dollars at a time, but really over time. It usually takes time to build wealth, good credit, good money discipline and habits. The earlier you start, the quicker you reap the benefits. And it is never too late to start, to receive almost instant benefit. For young people—in high school & college—you should start early, while you are young—caring about your bodily health and your financial health. There are some things your parents and teachers help you to avoid or help you do, before you reach adulthood, which will make your life so much better and less expensive to live. And even if something goes bad, you can at least handle the financial part, such as medical expenses, repairs, and other emergencies.

Trying to get a 100 cause “99 & 1/2 won’t do”! That’s a church song and a field work song! If you can’t pick a 100, cause 99 & ½ won’t do, can you get in the Pearly Gates? Talking about motivation to work. But sorry to say the most I remember we both, together, ever picked was only picked 74 lbs.

They say of the youth, “the world IS your oyster,” however, in reality the expression should be “the world CAN be your oyster,” if you make it that way. The following tips can help you avoid saying “if only I knew then (now) what I know now (some far future date), then I would have done differently.

The tips and things young people should be aware and concerned with are:

  • Maintaining good relations with parents, teachers, and community.
  • Avoid legal trouble (expulsions, tickets.)
  • Choose your friends wisely.
  • Excel in your academics
  • Avoid drugs and unhealthy habits (eating, drinking, fads, etc.)
  • Avoid unnecessary debt.
  • Think about what you want to DO, not what you want to BE, in adult life.
  • Seek professional counseling to determine your academic needs and career options.
  • Get at least a 4-year college education, not just for a job or career, but so you will live a higher quality of life.
  • Learn all you can about a profession or career and interview people in it before you start the journey to DO that.
  • Never let your net worth exceed your self-worth, you decide.
  • Manage or care for your resources (including your health, people, skills, knowledge, property, insurance, credit, and income making skills) well.
  • For most people, the best part of life began about after 40, so early on get established in your values, positions, habits, etc., be prosperous and be healthy from then on…

It Rain Pecans
At the Pecan Grove in 2007, whereas kids, we helped mom pick-up pecans for income—those were the days, in many ways.