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Which is best: “Front-End” or “Back-End”?

I realized some time ago, as a tax preparer, tax preparation is a “back-end” financial task we all do, or we have it done for us, because it’s mandatory by tax authorities. Because it’s a “back-end” or year-end task, we are stuck with the results—we owe more or get a refund, neither really is good—and although it is mandatory, a tax return does far less good for a person’s financial health than does the “front-end” activity that you can create, control, manage and adjust as you go, as required by YOU. A tax refund is only an interest free loan (you get no interest payment) you made to the government! So, see your tax advisor, to eliminate those interest-free loans and have more money on the “front-end”, as I explained below.

It’s Planning Time for 2024! Make Your Plan Today!

I’m talking about a plan many call a budget, a budgetary, a personal financial plan, or other names, involving your income, expenses, assets, and liabilities. A budget is a “front-end” financial activity that you (…”create, control, manage and adjust as you go, as required by YOU.)”.  We do not provide financial planning beyond the scope of these stated categories above. However, we do provide other financial or investment education and training, which are not recommendations or advice.

Be Ready on January 1st

Option 1: Download the EFP App and Do it Yourself

Visit our website at https://pickntime.com and download the EFP app (desktop or laptop only), complete your plan by following the instructions inside the app or on the Support page, and in YouTube videos at https://www.youtube.com/@pickntime/featured. (hold Control and click link). EFP Video 7 is Initial Setup.


Option 2: Let Pick-N-Time create your plan in “Shadow Mode”

Pick-N-Time will set up your plan for 2024, to the point you can easily convert your numbers by reversing the “shadow amount” as the case maybe, to arrive at your real numbers. So come January 1st you are ready to execute your plan.

Note: About “Shadow Mode”, your privacy is protected, as far as amounts are concerned. You can also change the names of incomes or expenses too, if you like, then revert them later too. Shadow Mode is a method of camouflaging or disguising or hiding your real amounts. The “Shadow Amount” is the same amount for all entries in any section or area. For example, if for income you use a shadow amount of $260, then you would add or subtract this $260 to/from every income entry, to shield the real amount. This new amount that includes the “Shadow Amount” (that only you will know), is what you send to me. After I return your plan, you revert to your numbers by reversing the “Shadow Amount” that you have applied, and expand your budgets. And wall-la! Your Plan for 2024! Don’t worry, we will follow up with you to ensure a smooth start, or you can call during our business hours or make an appointment for assistance. Or call now if you have questions. Your purchase comes with the Easy Financial Planner, set up to include the January budget completed and one-year free phone assistance. Note: On January budget, you revert to your numbers, then click buttons to copy real January data to all other (Feb – Dec) budgets.

We look forward to serving you!

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