I appreciate many of you responding to my original post (on Neighborhood.com), but you were probably wondering “what the #%€¥ is Pick-N-Time and what is it all about, but perhaps, was a bit shy about asking. Well, as a budding business, I owe you an explanation. The question could even be instead, “When is Pick-N-Time?

While Pick-N-Time, my business, is still undergoing licensing and its application development process, I want to give you an update on our progress, as of February 21, 2023. This is our first blog post, please return often to see what’s new.

On the licensing side we have completed registration with the Department of Commerce and have received our Sales Tax Certificate and Number. I have finished licensing with Davis County and registered my business in TAP (Taxpayer Access Point), for filing business tax returns and for paying business taxes.

On the operations development side, I have found a contractor who appears able to take my application phototype and turn it into a viable commercial product. Until all these events occur, we are not attempting to make any sales or attract business income, but we are sharing information about the business and development progress, to keep you informed.

On or about April 15th, we will hopefully be lunching our website here (www.pickntime.com) and our fahg@pickntime.com email will be available. The website will feature a blog where we will initially be sharing articles, and allowing you to post your personal financial experiences, ideas, practices, comments, etc., to contribute to collective educational information about personal finance, to avoid hardship and poverty.

Later in the year, Pick-N-Time’s income generating training course will be available. We will provide concise lessons for doing Basic Stock Option Trading for to make incomr. And then provide our 1st software application product, the EFP, to help you manage your money. Both will be available for purchase on the website.

For many businesses which serve the public, the owner has a cause or purpose for doing so. My cause, and the cause of Pick-N-Time, my business, is to honor my mother, who was a picker and a preacher, who worked long and hard, prayed hard, and was thankfully, hard on us, her four children, so that today I can proudly say none of us are in jail, homeless, or without the basics and are all homeowners. We have come a very long way from those poverty conditions.

‘Pick-N-Time’ was once the time we rose early, prepared, and walked or rode to the cotton, pecan, cucumber, etc., groves or fields to pick, for little money. But today, for me and I hope for you, Pick-N-Time can mean ‘going to work managing your resources, primarily your income, expenses, assets, and liabilities. This includes the value of your personal and real property, all of which goes into computing your financial net worth, which should always be less than your personal self-worth. So, let us not get that twisted.

Mine, and I hope your ultimate financial objective is to stay ahead of poverty—my greatest fear—in every way, so as not to live in “cotton field conditions”—that I know all to well—which has its counterpart conditions, in the suburbs today, in-terms of the financial hardships any of us could suffer. But having a plan ensures progress, not regress, into poverty and can give you a cushion if tragedy do occur.  *** I fear poverty so much so, that I fear for others who may be in, or who may fall into such conditions, and that is why I do what I do. Because I understand the powder and ease of a skill (options trading) to make income and of a plan—an income and expense plan, and a plan for managing your asset and liabilities (EFP financial plan).

Managing your income, expenses, assets, and liabilities is not just about numbers on paper or on a monitor, but it is really about you, managing your life—the financial side of your life—as it occurs in the real world, where you engage is all sorts of activities and actions that either make you money or take your money.

A final note about the origin of the Pick-N-Time name, is as I said, relating to the struggles of our mother, she with only a 10th grade education, would often tear off a piece of Piggy Wiggly’s grocery store bag, to write down what little money she expected and what bills were due, and on the flipside make a grocery list.

So, as an young adult, long ago, I began writing down my financial expectations and actuals, but thankfully, I had (and have) computer technology (initially a Commodore 64, 1541 Disk drive, dot matrix printer and 12” TV, with the slide control; using Microsoft’s Multiplan spreadsheet application) and a bit of skill, knowledge and desire to create something, that not only help myself but now can also help many individuals and families, who need and want a common sense, simple approach and method of managing their resources.

So, frankly my cause, Pick-N-Time’s cause is to eliminate poverty, but also to help customers stabilize and forecast their finances, and build wealth, using EFP procedures and the EFP application. I am excited about it and anxious to fully introduce it, when fully developed, later.

So, in closing, I say again, Pick-N-Time for you is not time to go to the field. Oh no! Unless you want to, if that is the case, then I have a cotton sack you can borrow. LOL!

Now really, it is time to manage your resources well, to increase your net worth, to live healthy and well, and avoid all aspects of poverty or “cotton field conditions”—even in the suburbs. You can do this using the EFP app and procedures, currently under development, along with my website.

Stay informed, please join my email and/or phone-text list, for future news. In the meantime, send a request for your free Pick-N-Time Annual Budget Workbook. Please provide your name, phone number and email on the Contact form. I will send it to you as an email attachment. I would like to add you to my mailing list. Indicate your contact preference by providing one or both (phone and/or email) and indicate your preferred contact methods.

If you do not want to be added to contact list, just email me and indicate “no-add” in your request and you do not have to provide your name or phone, I will still gladly send the workbook to your email. For questions, comments, or requests you can email or DM me as below.

Thanks for Your Interest

FaraJi A.H. GoreDenna

Pick-N-Time, Owner/Developer